Female World Leaders in Asia

New year, new list – there are many female world leaders in the world, and I wanted to compile a list. Many European countries have embraced females for the country’s top positions (Finland just welcomed 34 year old Sanna Marin as Prime Minister!). But in the Asia Pacific region, women world leaders are still aContinue reading “Female World Leaders in Asia”

Chester Bennington’s 2nd year death anniversary tribute

Time flies by so fast, doesn’t it? I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since Chester’s suicide on 20 July 2017. I’ll always remember that day. And 2 years on, the pain hasn’t really subsided. I woke up to read tweets from Susan (Chester’s mother): And also another one from Talinda (Chester’s wife), which madeContinue reading “Chester Bennington’s 2nd year death anniversary tribute”

#Plastikophobia – Highlighting Plastic Waste at Marina Barrage

Plastikophobia is an immersive art installation held at the Sustainable Singapore Gallery. Artists Von Wong and Joshua Goh (Imaginator Studios) and Social Impact Strategist Laura Francois teamed up to build an experiential art piece in Singapore to illustrate the feeling of “Plastikophobia” – the fear of plastics. 18,000 plastic cups were collected from 26 hawker centres inContinue reading “#Plastikophobia – Highlighting Plastic Waste at Marina Barrage”

Here’s How Twitter Changed the Internet

Photo Credit: Esther Vargas Do you remember what life was like before Twitter? Social media has really embedded itself into our everyday lives. It’s incredible to think how difficult society might function without social media. It’s not just likes, follows and shares, it’s about spreading information and keeping up to date with news going on aroundContinue reading “Here’s How Twitter Changed the Internet”