Chester Bennington’s 2nd year death anniversary tribute

Time flies by so fast, doesn’t it?

I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since Chester’s suicide on 20 July 2017. I’ll always remember that day. And 2 years on, the pain hasn’t really subsided. I woke up to read tweets from Susan (Chester’s mother):

And also another one from Talinda (Chester’s wife), which made me cry so much:

I love Linkin Park, and I’ve performed a few cover songs in their honour. One More Light especially takes on a sad but significant note.

I’ve performed One More Light a few times, and every time there’s so much chills. So much sadness. So much love from the audience. Here’s the first time I ever performed it:

And another one:

We also recorded One More Light at our studio, which I really love:

If you enjoy them, do subscribe to us (EverythingHertz) on YouTube and like us on Facebook.

Mental health is something we take for granted and never prioritize, and it can literally cost lives. I hope this changes in our society.

I want you to remember, that you are never alone. Sometimes things are hard, but always reach out even when you don’t feel like it (especially when you don’t feel like it!)

If you are in Singapore, you can contact H.O.P.E. Alliance, which I am a part of. We are a community and we welcome anyone struggling with mental health issues.

#MakeChesterProud #320changesdirection #FuckDepression

Author: UnicornMermaid by FariWu

I am a part-time unicorn, part-time mermaid. Full-time queen (YAAS). Follow me on my adventures in seeking out the unicorns and mermaids of this world.

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